Axbryd's continuous research activities provide a solid ground to build knowledge and innovative technologies. We share this expertise with potential partners and customers. Contact us to learn more

Functional and Performance Testing

We help you understand the performance limits of your networked systems. With a rigorous scientific methodology we assess scalability limits and identify bottlenecks. We have extensive knowledge and know-how to build automated testing to continuously verify systems functionality and vulnerabilities.

Programmable Building Blocks

We provide high-performance programmable building blocks for complex network functions development. Our cutting-edge technology simplifies development for both software and FPGA-based solutions, and is the result of years of research. Find out more looking at our publications and open source code.

Hardware and Software Design

We help designers to achieve in short time the required functionalities and level of performance. Our designs leverage our cutting-edge technological building blocks for both hardware and software solutions. Our expertise includes P4, OpenState, OpenFlow, DPDK, VPP, eBPF and moreā€¦